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Proposal Ideas

Proposal Ideas Collection by INCOCU

Every love story is unique. And whether one says it out loud or not, everybody wants the perfect proposal story too. After all, it's not everyday that one pops the all-important question. Also, your proposal story will be narrated to friends, family, and strangers alike for years to come. It will be passed from one generation to another like a family heirloom (that is, if it's worth narrating over and over again). So, here are a few romantic yet cool and potentially memorable proposal ideas for the special day when all you want to hear is, “I do.”


1. Choose a place that has a personal significance to the both of you – it may be the club where you first met, your favorite coffee shop, or by the beach, where you love spending your quiet evenings. While you're there, you can ask someone nearby to click a picture of you, and while the person takes position, you can go down on one knee instead of posing. We're sure the picture that results will bring a smile to your face for the rest of your lives.


2. If you like spending time at the beach building sandcastles, this one is for you. Once the castle is complete, you can put the ring on the highest tower. Make sure your partner isn't looking. Keeping it subtle is the key.


3. Thinking of proposing while on a trip? After sightseeing and having a good time at the hotel bar, you can arrange for roses, candles, and champagne to be set up in your hotel room. Your room is now ready to witness the perfect surprise proposal. Let the surprise of the romantic mood sink in before she gets the bigger one.


4. An unconventional proposal idea where you propose without saying anything at all is to spell it out on your ceiling using glow-in-the-dark star stickers. All you have to do is get into bed, and wait for it.


5. Ask a friend to click your photos holding posters that read, “WILL”, “YOU”, “MARRY”, and “ME?” Now plan a meet with your soon-to-be better half, and just before you arrive, start sending the photos in order. Time the messages in such a way that no sooner has your partner seen the last one, you have reached, and get down on one knee.


6. Go out on a romantic candle light dinner at your favorite restaurant and talk endlessly over it. And when you're done, make arrangement for the ring box to be served on the dessert tray.


7. Hire a photographer and tell your partner you've won a romantic couple's photo shoot. Ask him/her to dress up for it. Propose when you're midway through the shoot. And of course, now that you have a photographer at hand, you can also have your first post-proposal photo shoot.


8. You've been with your partner for long and we're sure you know his/her favorite romantic movie. You can add some drama (or melodrama, if we may say so) to your love life by recreating the proposal scene from that film.


9. We know you love spending some quiet, lazy evenings with your partner. A sky full of stars just adds to the romance of the mood. However, the setting also makes for an ideal proposal spot. Pick a spot for some summer stargazing and propose under the night sky.


Go ahead, choose your pick, and take the first step towards making it official. Our best wishes are with the two of you. If you have a better proposal idea, share it with us. Also, if you've tried any of our ideas, do let us know. We would love to know your partner's reaction.

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