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Our Team

Anish Gangwal, Co-Founder & VP Marketing and Business Development

Experience and education is a lethal combination which Anish has acquired in a short span of time.The combination of the two plays a crucial role in laying the foundation stones of success for INCOCU. During his short, yet highly successful stint as an Investment Banker for his initial 6 months of his career, he acquired an in-depth knowledge about this field. Later he joined his family business and gained experience in sales,finding the best quality diamonds and gemstones for the best prices.
His experience combined with a Masters degree from the University of Warwick & an MBA from Babson College provides the company with a creative business outlook and innovative jewelry industry ideas. His vibrant persona makes him stand a class apart from others in the business. His dedication and focused approach inspires his co-workers to stay focused and put sincere efforts.


Vaibhav Dhandia, Co-Founder & VP Operations and HR

Vaibhav is the perfect example of dynamism, knowledge and pleasant personality. His rich experience of marketing and business development while working for his family business, Dhandia Gems Corporation for 2.5 years gives him an insight to work with an unmatched quality and excellence. His background in the colored gemstone and custom jewelry trade provides INCOCU with great connections and knowledge to obtain the highest quality and affordable colored gemstones in the market. His experience in the custom jewelry segment endows the company with great knowledge of the back-end operations behind this inclusive endeavor. The education he has received from Babson College’s MBA program has given him the business knowledge to be able to lead the production and internal operations in this venture.


Dhawal Damania, Digital Growth Hacker
Dhawal is a Full Stack Digital Marketer and an E-Commerce specialist. He has helped scale 100+ digital startups across the world in the last 10 years. He operates from Sydney, Australia, but works in almost all the time zones. He believes in taking data-driven decisions in all aspects of life. Dhawal is the man behind several startups like Cakes & Cupcakes Mumbai, Troll Tees, Air5 etc.

Balwan Soni, CAD Designer

A native of Jaipur- known to be a hub for Jewelry. He worked in the assortment department for initial 6 years of his career and then tried his hand at CAD designing and he was sure that this is what he always wanted to be associated with.


Vicky Kunjumon, Senior Sketch Designer

Vicky is a jewelry designer of a brilliant cut. He has vast experience in developing designs catering to American as well as European clients. His area of strength includes contemporary and his astounding eye-catchy designs are sure to raise eye-brows. Also, he is leaving no stone unturned in continuously improving on as a designer by further learning the nuances of designing in the form of CAD and Rendering.

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