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INCOCU Bridal Guide

INCOCU Bridal Guide Collection by INCOCU

The Top 5 Trends one should keep in mind when Choosing Bridal Jewelry

Every bride has a wish, to dazzle all the guests with her bridal jewelry and her overall attire. Many brides want to add that extra splash of color to their bridal outfit. Bridal jewelry holds a very special place in an Indian wedding and every bride dreams to dazzle in the best jewelry and wishes to make heads turn. However,we need to accept the fact that trends keep changing with times, and brides are being even more conscious about the way they look and are also paying more attention to match their jewelry with their wedding outfit.


Let us have a look at the top trends in the Indian bridal jewelry that need to be kept in mind while shopping:

Diamond is a bride’s biggest fad:

Today the Indian bride does not think twice before wearing any diamond jewelry. Any type of uncut diamond jewelry is always in trend. Gold jewelry which is embedded with a number of precious stones and semi-precious stones are also very trendy and provide a special dimension to the overall appearance of the bride.



Many people do choose from traditional ethnic jewelry and these have gained a lot of popularity these days. The ethnic jewelry is crafted by certified experts who design unique trendy pieces using their skills to full use by creating pieces with beautiful enameling (Meenakari). Such ancient and ethnic designs can be worn with any traditional outfit and they surely would make any bride the center of attention.


Fusion Jewelry:

Another overwhelming trend that is currently very popular is that of Polki (uncut Diamond)- Diamond (Full cut) Fusion Jewelry. Traditionally Kundan Meena jewelry was considered the most authentic and most popular for bridal jewelry and was made purely with polkis, also known as uncut diamonds. For years, brides have adorned the kundan meena necklaces with huge diamond polkis. Currently, the trend is shifting. The younger and more modern brides want a dash of full cut diamond along with the big sizes of polkis. This has led to some beautiful creations with even fancy colored diamonds being used with polkis giving a different meaning ot the traditional kundan meena jewelry.


Jewelry apart from necklace and earrings:

Brides can also choose from other traditional ornaments other than necklaces and earrings and some of the best examples are armlet or a waistband or even a nose pin. These can be dated back to the Indian history and were used by ladies and queens who hailed from royal dynasties. Brides can also choose from nose piercing to add that extra tinge of glamour.


The Tiara or the maangtika:

Maangtika is worn by the Indian brides and these are now days available in unique designs. Precious stones are used in the making which add the extra glitter and sparkle to the maangtika. A tiara is also worn in some traditional Indian weddings. These are mostly made in Gold or silver and diamonds are used to add that extra spark to the ornament.


New designs in Mangalsutra:

One ornament which always would remain an inevitable part of the Indian bride is the Mangalsutra. Mangalsutra is a chain, which is made with the use of gold and black beads and has a prominent place in Indian Marriages. The traditional Mangalsutra’s are long in length but with changing times, the designs have undergone a transformation and we can now find these in various lengths and designs. The Indian bride today has a lot of designs to choose from. Be it traditional or unique designer diamond jewelry, the bride can choose from either and look special on her wedding day.


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