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INCOCU Birthstone Guide

INCOCU Birthstone Guide Collection by INCOCU


Know which stone is associated with your birth date

Yes, buying birthstones is not just a fad anymore. People are realizing the importance of birthstones and their association with therapeutic influence. We do hear the legends that swear by the healing powers of the Birthstones and the effect they have on various individuals if they wear the stones according to their birthdates. It is however, absolutely necessary that you know that the gemstones are real and not fake, so that you enjoy the benefits of wearing them for ornamental purpose as well as for their healing properties.

Following is the list of precious stones pertaining to your birth month:

January – Garnet

Garnet signifies true friendship, trust and faith. The garnet resembles a seed of a pomegranate and that is how it gets the name Granatum which is a Latin word that means seed.  You can wear them in the form of jewelry, which looks very attractive whether it is a ring, necklace or even earrings. This gemstone is found mainly in India, Africa and Sri Lanka.


February – Amethyst

The Amethyst signifies royalty and is associated with the powers that enable individuals to think clearly and make the right decisions. Since olden times, the stone has been surrounded by myths and has religious importance. The stone is beautiful purple quartz with a blend of red and violet to give a vibrant look. It is mostly found in Brazil, whereas the premium quality stones are procured from Zambia.

March – Aquamarine

Aquamarine signifies safety in the water. It is also associated with the color of the water and is said to keep the wearer cool and calm. This birthstone is believed to give protection to sailors for a safe voyage. Aquamarine comes with a light color tone that has a greenish tone of blue to a bluish green color. The stone is mainly found in Brazil, Pakistan, Madagascar and Zambia.

April – Diamond

Diamonds signify purity and royalty as well. Diamonds are associated with beauty and preferred by many for gifting and with the famous advertising campaign of “A Diamond is Forever” by De Beers Diamond Company, instilled in people that diamonds are regarded to suggest a sense of timelessness. Many times diamonds come with colors and it is important for you to know if they are natural or created in a laboratory.

May – Emerald

Emerald signifies rebirth and good fortune along with the youth. It is a symbol of foresight and is believed to grant luck. High quality emerald is recommended for users and due to its limited availability, treatments are seen to improve clarity.

June – Pearl, Alexandrite, Moonstone

Pearls are used for centuries. They have been the favorite in royal houses and have a unique quality about them as they are created from live creatures, which is why there is no treatment given to them.

Alexandrite is a modern gem and is popular since 1831. This rare gemstone has a green color and changes to purplish in incandescent light.

Moonstone is another vibrant gemstone and is considered sacred in India. It is also believed to bring good fortune. The stone is mostly found in India, United States, Sri Lanka and Myanmar.

July – Ruby

Ruby signifies health, wealth, wisdom and success. This gemstone is hard as compared to other gemstones. Ruby is beautiful, vibrant and durable and is used widely for everyday wear. The color is what distinguishes real ruby from a lesser valuable one. High quality Ruby is very rare and expensive. The prized colors are medium dark red or purplish red.

August – Peridot

Peridot comes with healing powers and protects the wearer from nightmares. It’s a beautiful stone with yellowish green color that has a brown hue to it. Attractive colors like olive greens and bright lime greens are quite popular among people across the world.

September – Sapphire

Sapphire is a gemstone that symbolizes heavenly blessings. The stone comes in various shades of violet-blue, dark green and shades of blue. Besides, they also come in all colors of the rainbow. Legend says that sapphire provides safety to loved ones.

October – Tourmaline, Opal

Tourmaline is not only popular as a birthstone, but is a favorite among jewelry lovers and designers. The uniqueness of the gemstone is its availability in several colors as it displays various colors in just one gemstone. You can choose watermelon tourmaline that features pink, green and white bands of colors. It is found in east Africa, Afghanistan and Brazil.

Opal means ‘to see a change’ in Greek. The beauty of the gemstone lies in the color play, it provides and the background that it displays. The color ranges from white, black, orange to red, green and blue.

November – Topaz, Citrine

People have regarded Topaz as one of the prized gemstones for its rich rainbow colors. The one that is most prized is the Imperial Topaz that comes in a grand orange color and has pinkish undertones. You may also find different colors in Topaz like purple, pink, blue and yellow.

Citrine is also popular as it has the healing properties. It is found in various shades from pastel to dark orange. The gemstone is most affordable of all gemstones and is found in plenty in various parts of the world.

December – Tanzanite, Zircon, Turquoise

Tanzanite is fairly a new gemstone found only in Tanzania. It comes with a rich blue or violet color, which is quite unique in itself. The gemstone is precious and is often treated to get the rich color. The colors range from blue, purple, dark tones, and these stones are believed to be expensive.

Zircon is found in colors like brown, blue, green, yellow, orange, red and colorless as well. As a birthstone, it is used for its properties like relieving pain, and preventing nightmares. The gemstone is found in Thailand and Cambodia.

Turquoise is also one of the oldest gemstones and found in colors like greenish blue, sky blue shades. It is a popular stone for jewelry and is found in abundance.

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