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Gold Coins

Gold Coins Collection by INCOCU

Christopher Columbus rightly said that “Gold is a treasure and who possess it do all he desires to in this world and succeeds in helping souls into paradise.”

Undoubtedly, we all want to purchase some valuable assets, which will remain as our precious possessions and can be used in the times of emergency or during urgent needs. Gold coins are one of the chattels that many of us want to buy after saving a lot of money which we have earned by doing hard work. Moreover, whenever we think of perfect gifting solution for an auspicious moment the first thing came to our mind is agold coin. Like, in Indian culture on the occasion of Diwali, people worship gold coin and also gift to their loved ones.

Not only this, we have studied and seen that during medieval ages gold coins have played a significant role in building commerce around the world. At Incocu, gold coins are the most wanted masterpieces. Keeping this in mind, we design the gold coins that can meet the requirements of the different kinds of users. From simple to designer pieces, at Incocu, you will get great customization options. Purchasing a gold coin has never been an easy task, but we assure at our online certified jewellery shop you will get everything you are looking for.

History of Gold Coins

Metals like silver and gold have been an important part of a trade and their use in business was magnificent during the ancient civilizations of the present Iraq and Egypt. The French historian Fernand Braudel said that silver and gold was the livelihood of Mediterranean capital deals in 2nd millennium BC. The firstgold coin was produced in the present Western Turkey in 6th millennium BC. These coins had faces of lion or bull on one side of the coin and a seal mark on the opposite side. This has given birth to the coinage era and kept evolving in different civilizations and cultures.

Smart Reasons to Buy Gold Coins

Holding a gold coin in hand is everyone’s dreams! Owning somereal gold coins offer numerous advantages as they can be used for gifting, investment purposes and much more.

Let’s begin with the benefits that you can get from buying gold coins.

  • A Tangible Asset

You can easily hold the gold coin of 50,000 rupees in your hand that you cannot do with other investments. The gold coins cannot be destroyed by water, fire, or even with time. Their appearance remains the same and does not require any maintenance.

  • Good Investment

Every expert suggests that one should invest a little amount of money in buying a gold coin as it helps in expanding your investments. The reason behind this is that the price of gold coin goes up often while the value of other financial assets like bonds and stocks fall. Moreover, you will always get good returns by selling the gold coin in the market even during bad phases.

  • Know What You Are Buying

There is nothing new in that whenever you go the jeweler to sell anything related to gold or silver; you almost end up with a deal by getting an unexpected lower value. The reasons behind are wrong material, karat purity,hallmark, and much more. But it never happens when you buy a coin at right gram and with right purity. Make sure that on the gold coin you are investing should be 100% certified as this ensures you are getting24 karat gold coin with 99.9% purity. So, never compromise with the quality, better to go with a less weight gold coin in case you can’t invest more money.

  • Little Investment, Greater Rewards

Many times you think of buying a gold coin, but you back out imagining spending a lot of money. But, with Incocu you can invest little on1 gram,2 grams,5 grams,10 grams,20 grams, and50 grams of gold. This way, you can get a real gold coin easily by not coming out of your pockets.

  • Easy to Monetize

Whenever you go to the jeweler to sell jewellery or bar, there are chances that you may charge a fee. Reason being the gold will be melted to check the purity and reshaped again for reuse. But, withIncocu gold coins, you don’t need to worry as our online shop is a reputed and established brand in the market.

  • Highly Liquid

Gold coins can be sold anywhere in the world as you will find gold dealers all around the world. During the crisis, the gold is always in demand and you can sell it in the market either at the high price or for the same price you bought. While spending other collectibles like artwork, you have to spend your time to find a right customer and also entail a big commission. But, with gold coins, there is nothing like that.

Shipping, Contact, and Personalization Information

Every piece of gold coin by Incocu is certified by the leading third-party international laboratories like International Gemological Institute and SGL for authenticity. We offer in-house customization and engraving along with the consultation by our jewellery experts that is free of cost. At Incocu, we provide free shipping and lifetime guarantee/exchange on all our products.

If you need any help regarding the design and material of a gold coin, you cancontact our jewellery consultants or by dropping an email at

Apart from our designs, you can also share your innovative designs that you want us to engrave on your coin. Incocu believe in providing the best shopping experience to all the customers. No matter for what purpose you want a gold coin, we prepare it as per your requirements.


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