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Gemstone Pendants

Gemstone Pendants Collection by INCOCU

Gemstone Pendants

Gemstone Pendants - Colored Beauties

Pendants have been the most exquisite and elegant form of jewellery to spruce up your everyday looks. When you are looking for that extra finishing touch, nothing can serve your style except an assorted gemstone diamond pendant. Gemstone pendants are the traditional masterpieces that are versatile enough to be worn on every occasion and will complement your every outfit.

Since the Mughal era, the gemstone craftsmanship started prospering in various parts of the world. During the Victorian Empire Patronage, the finest gemstone was produced globally leading to the crafting of stunning ornate. Whether you are looking for a classic laid back adornment or your preference is a striking masterpiece, Incocu has a handpicked selection of pendants to amp your style game. With a mélange of traditional, classic, and stylish form, each of our gemstone masterpieces is a magnificent piece of art. Delve into the Incocu’s collection of gemstone and find the one that matches your taste, style, and personality.

Gemstone Pendants- An amalgam of elegance, vibrant colors, and class

No form of jewellery or adornment can beat the allure of a gemstone pendant! Gemstone pendants are a classic, enticingly sophisticated piece of jewellery that comes with a traditional appeal. They are the epitome of beauty and charm that will effortlessly transform your basic look to a classy one.

The trends of these colored masterpieces skyrocketed in 2016 and are going to last for years to come.  They have gained the popularity due to their astrological purpose as well as their ornate charm. Regardless of what style or outfit, gemstone pendant complement every trend effortlessly. With their immense elegance, these pendants have been on the top of bespoke jewellery list for women.

Team up with the colorful assortment of gemstone pendants at Incocu

Incocu thrives on meeting your styling and fashion needs with an exhilarating collection of the gemstone pendants. Our pendants are subtly feminine as it features sharp curves, contours, colors, and embellishments.

Pink Tourmaline Adornments

Surprise your better half or cherish the surprises with the life is a box full of surprises pendant or stay motivated for your passion with this pink tourmaline beautyWatch out for the pink gemstone artifacts that will astound you with its charm and allure. Get an enchanted appeal with this elegant yet contemporary don’t ever say never and like the moon pendant that is embellished with a pink tourmaline gemstone.

Emerald Beauties

Symbol of elegance and beauty, the Japanese kimono pendant has an emerald gemstones that will coy you to be feisty. Get fascinated with this feather of a peacock masterpiece that is enamored by a magnificent creature. Or, get prepared to be amazed by the lovers of leaves that will give you princess feels with the minimalist effort.

Blue Topaz Masterpieces

Take a chance on life and crazy love pendants are the gorgeous masterpieces that will sway your heart forever. No jewel can withstand the grace of floral design embellished with a gemstone. Fragile and marvelous, the petals of the flower pendant feature a stunning geometric pattern that makes it a timeless piece of art. The classic design of flove and beyond, and sparkly signifies the feeling of love and can serve as the hallmark of your relationship.

The best masterpiece from our collection is this gemstone pendant that comes with a single bale, and a traditional floral design making it a unique adornment just like you. The range of gemstone pendants can be engraved and customized with the various gemstone shades like pink tourmaline, peridot, emerald, ruby, blue, white, and pink sapphire, black spinel, citrine, topaz, and tanzanite.

You deserve nothing but the best so delve into our breathtaking range to find the one and unique masterpiece for you.

A comprehensive guide to purchasing Incocu’s gemstone pendants

Gemstone pendants are as utilitarian as aesthetic. Appreciated and popular all around the globe, the inherent allure of the gemstone pendants reflects your personal style with elegance. They feature a universal appeal due to their sparkling and luxurious cuts. While we always prefer gemstone for their assorted shades, here are few points that you need to bring in consideration before purchasing the pendants-

Colors: The main recognition of gemstone jewellery is the purity of their contour, depth in the hue, and color saturation. The best gemstone is termed with a lot of saturated colors and slight traces of its shade.

Clarity: Clarity of the gemstone depends on how flawless it is! The flawless gemstones are expensive and rare. The best gemstone pendants come with a light to moderate flaws.

Appeal: Unlike diamonds, there is no specific cut for gemstones to exhibit its maximum brilliance. A high-quality gemstone is termed that has even color around it along with the fewest flaws.

Transparency: Before purchasing the pendant, check the level of transparency for gemstones. The transparency can be measured how much of light can be diffused through the stone. More the transparency, more the value!

We offer the most stunning myriad of pendant styles and setting that will bring out the best in you.

Shipping, contact, and personalization information

Every diamond pendant by Incocu is certified by the leading third-party international laboratories like SGL and International Gemological Institute. We offer free shipping, customization, engraving along with the consultation by our jewellery expert. You can also request a sample for any of our jewellery at your doorstep.

Incocu is the best solution to all your jewellery shopping woes at a pocket-friendly price.

You can get you pendants customized with these three diamond qualities- SI-IJ, SI-GH, VS-GH, metal shades- yellow, white, and rose gold. Also, you can choose between 14Kt and 18Kt metal quality. Regardless of the style or customization you choose for your pendants, we provide you with the delivery in two weeks.

For any queries, you can contact our jewellery consultants by call or by dropping an email at


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  • Dont ever say never

    Dont ever say never

  • Lovers of Leaves

    Lovers of Leaves

  • Have you seen my heart anywhere

    Have you seen my heart anywhere

  • Take a chance on life

    Take a chance on life

  • Gemstone Pendant

    Gemstone Pendant

  • Caught up

    Caught up

  • Life is a box full of surprises

    Life is a box full of surprises

  • The Question of Life

    The Question of Life

  • The Japanese Kimono

    The Japanese Kimono

  • Celebrating Misfits

    Celebrating Misfits

  • Express your love
  • Melodies


  • Like the moon

    Like the moon

  • Sparkly


  • Watch Out

    Watch Out

  • Floral Love

    Floral Love

  • Chimes of change

    Chimes of change

  • Like a Lily

    Like a Lily

  • Feathers of a Peacock

    Feathers of a Peacock

  • Petals of a flower

    Petals of a flower

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