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Gemstone Jewellery

Gemstone Jewellery Collection by INCOCU

Gemstone – A timeless touch of opulence and vibrant color

The glittering halo of a lustrous gemstone induces a splash of color and bizarre shine to any piece of jewellery. Dazzling everyone with its mesmerizing beauty since ages, this astounding piece of jewel offers an ultimate feeling of elite persona to the wearer. Whether it is a dazzling diamond, lustrous ruby or glittery emerald, it makes the heads turn with its inimitable allure.

Since the time of their discovery, gemstones have been revered as an emblem of wealth and power to defend against ward off evil, and heal ailments. Along with being admired for their rich luster, vibrant hues, and radiant glow, these precious stones have been valued throughout history for their prevailing effect and symbolism.

Diamonds signify fearlessness and strength whereas amethyst connotes heavenly understanding and garnet epitomizes trust and faith. Even many gemstones hold their significance in astrology as symbols of different zodiac signs.

At Incocu, we have a mélange of traditional, classic, and stylish pieces of gemstone jewellery to add more grandeur to the overall appeal. With a fusion of ethnic, contemporary and futuristic form, each of our gemstone masterpieces makes an unrivaled visual treat for the jewellery fanatic.  Delve into the Incocu’s endless online collection of gemstone jewellery and get the one that flaunts your personality.

Indulge in the beauty of gorgeous gemstone jewellery at Incocu

Nothing can beat the allure of a gemstone that makes a classic, enticingly sophisticated piece of jewellery enriched with a traditional appeal. Let it be due to its ornate charm or astrological purpose; these glossy jewels are in trend these days. Festooned in any form of adornments such as a necklace, pendant, ring, earrings or nose pins, these mesmerizing gemstones can effortlessly transform your basic look to a classy one.

To steatite your unique styling and fashion needs, Incocu presents an exhilarating collection of the gemstone rings, earrings, pendants and nose pins. With sharp curves, contours, colors, and embellishments, each of our gemstone adornment subtly reflect feminism and exclusivity. Having a vivid collection of gemstones like amethyst, aquamarine, onyx, spinal, sapphire, diamond, opal, tourmaline, topaz, pearl, ruby and quartz, Incocu thrives on adding a touch of refinement in your style.

Add opulent glittery Touch with Incocu Gemstone jewellery - Rings, Earrings, Pendants, and Nose Pins

Aptly curated to lend exclusivity to the appearance of the wearer, the unique and bedazzling collections of gemstone rings, earrings, pendant and nose pins at Incocu exhibit artistic excellence. Embossed with the eye catching gemstones, each of our masterpieces manifests the artistic mettle of the craftsmanship and has the ability to make the wearer the cynosure of all eyes.

Gemstone ring: A fashionable epitome of vintage glamour and faith

A ring makes an essential piece of jewellery in everybody’s wardrobe, and if embossed with a gemstone it exudes timeless charm and an undeniable radiance to your looks. The gemstone rings designed by Incocu are a rhapsody of colors ranging from the radical red to brilliant blue, luxurious green to pastel pink, and the revitalizing yellow and vivacious purple to transmute you magically to the divas you truly are.

Gemstone Earrings: An everlasting twinkle and grace for the beautiful ear lobe

A stunning earring studded with a radiant gemstone can let your earlobe shine in all its brilliant glory. The enviable collection of trend setting gemstone earrings at Incocu will mauve and illuminate your entire existence. Be entrapped in love with the eternal splendor of our earrings like amethyst andblue sapphire ,earring drops and chandbali that offer a bouquet of love and beauty to your ears.

Gemstone Pendants: Vibrant tints for the Vivacious You

Incocu offers an effortless way to make your life a notch more colorful with the exquisite collection of gemstone pendants. Bringing together a whole lot of colored vibrancy with the purple of amethyst, red ofruby, blue of aquamarine, yellow of citrine,  green of emeralds, we help you flaunt your perfect neckline. Keeping your fine tastes and preferences in mind, we have versatile pieces like Follow your passion and A Meaningful Life to suit every attire and fashion sense.

Gemstone Nose pins: A lustrous touch of elegance, poise, and feminism

Being a part of wedding regalia since time immemorial, an elegant gemstone nose pins a favorite piece of adornment throughout the globe. Cast a mesmerizing spell on the onlooker and pave your way to the limelight with the astonishing collection of nose pins embellished with gorgeous gemstones available at Incocu.

A dazzling assortment of gemstone jewellery at Incocu

Being a prized gem for centuries, amethyst, onyx, spinal and sapphire possesses an enthralling aura that is sure to bedazzle the onlooker. Our collection of dazzling earrings, nose pins and rings bejeweled with gorgeous amethyst at Incocu will add a glint to your appearance.Three String Amethyst, Ring Solitaire, Earring Drops, Classic Round Hoops, and Dainty In Blue Ring are some of our wondrous creations that will become a star attraction for the quintessential woman.

Along with diamonds, your love forcitrine, emerald, pearl, tourmaline, and topaz can be satiated with colorful creations likeColorama 1,classic nose pin, andDainty Blue Drops. Bringing to the fore the alluring look of rose and yellow gold accompanied by the gemstone in a single creation, our ingenious collection comes in marquise, princess and round cut as a testimony to the everlasting glitter.

Shipping, contact, and personalization information

Each of our jewellery is checked and certified by the leading third-party international laboratories like SGL. Reflecting the superior quality and reliability, we offer the best solution for all your jewellery shopping woes at an affordable price.

Avail free shipping, customization, and engraving along with the free consultation by our well-known jewellery expert through our website. Offering the convenience of online shopping, Incocu perseveres to bring the best to its adored customers through its designs, styles, quality, and service.

Our bespoke collection of gemstone jewellery is sure to resonate in your mind and heart forever.   Keeping up the promise of exclusivity, our team strives to satiate the jeweled dream of every beautiful woman. Send an email at or contact our jewellery consultants by phone if you have any issue or query regarding the gemstone jewellery.

Acquired from the premium ethically sound sources from around the globe, enchanting gemstone jewellery from Incocu is a venture in pure pleasure.


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  • Amarylis Studs

    Amarylis Studs

  • Earring Chandbali

    Earring Chandbali

  • Earring Drops

    Earring Drops

  • Flora ring

    Flora ring

  • Leaf Platter

    Leaf Platter

  • Athena Ring

    Athena Ring

  • Stay free

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    Amethyst Chandeliers

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  • Earring Studs

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  • Tetris Three step Ring

    Tetris Three step Ring

  • Enchanting truth

    Enchanting truth

  • Ring Contemporary

    Ring Contemporary

  • The Chatai Drops

    The Chatai Drops

  • Earring Chandbali

    Earring Chandbali

  • Earring Drops

    Earring Drops

  • Step of life ring

    Step of life ring

Items 41 to 60 of 482 total
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