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Filigree Collection by INCOCU


Filigree Pendant - True Celebration of Femininity

A shimmery pendant can easily make women’s heart skip a beat. Being their precious possessions, filigree pendants can give them an infinite happiness and by wearing a lovely pendant can instantly brighten up their look. Filigree pendants are really versatile, and you can adorn yourself by adding an elegant pendant on a thin gold chain. Over the years, the pendant jewellery has evolved into a bold statement piece, and be it a traditional or contemporary, the simple addition of alluring pendant can augment your outfit just the right amount.

Diamond is unbeatable as nothing can replace its everlasting appeal, and when it shakes hands with the metal, this pair comes out to form a great piece of art. We have the pendants that capture the imagination and add a fine touch of magnificence to your looks. Our classic and timeless filigree pendants can be worn on any occasion as they can mingle perfectly with any of your attire.

Filigree Pendant: A timeless touch of opulence

The word filigree is shortened form of the earlier Latin word “Filigreen” derived from "Filum" which means thread and "granum" grain, in the sense of small bead. Filigree is a delicate kind of jewellery metalwork executed with tiny beads or twisted threads of gold or silver. Soldered together to the surface of the metal, it elevates the artistic motif with an enduring allure. Since 3,000 BC fragile jewellery has been the most flaunted piece of adornment for women. Being the most elegant and intricate ornament, filigree pendants is the perfect blend of simplicity, dazzling beauty and class.

Types of Filigree Pendant

Attractive and inventive designs fused in fast-forward geometric dimensions are specially made to make you feel like a queen or princess. Our diverse range of filigree pendant illustrates fashion and style, which will accentuate your neckline in no time. Each of the filigree pendant features dramatic designs, and you can wear them on any occasion to give a striking appeal to yourself.

Drop design: With its floral design, this flowers from a book pendant will attract the eye of everyone, and nobody will be able to resist themselves praising for its beautiful and innovative design. If you want to give a memorable gift to your special lady, then a dazzling affair pendant will be a perfect choice. This gorgeous find the perfect name pendant looped with dazzling diamonds and infused with twisted metal will match any apparel.

Circular design: If you want to give yourself a sober look, then you can pick say yes to peace pendant, and if you are looking something bold enough to suit your baffling personality then go for this beautiful, mysterious pendant.  Nothing can beat the twisted design of creating a perfect picture pendant, and you can wear it on your special day to flaunt in style. For a bold look, you can try in awe pendant, and if you want to be the showstopper, the evolving pendant will work for you. If you are a trend-lover and want to showcase your vibrant look, then the circle of life pendant will boast of you.

Geometric design: You can choose from the masterpiece like wings of hope and to get a unique look, you can go for a lovely surprise pendant.

A guide to choosing the best filigree pendant

The ornament you wear reflects your taste. So it becomes important to select the graceful design. At Incocu, you will have myriad of designs that will add a magnificent glow to your attire. Moreover, our wide collection of online filigree pendants is specially designed to suit a plethora of styles, and you will surely cherish them for a lifetime. Our emphatic designs will let you revel in the beauty of pendants.

In fact, you can make a drastic change in your personality by wearing any of these fabulous filigree pendants in any event. Each of our filigree pendants is featured with the attractive designs and is ready to flatter your look in no time.

Here are two elements that will make your task of choosing the filigree pendant easier.

Unique designs: Each of the filigree pendants has its own different shape and is ornate with precious diamonds. Delicate and twisted designs will reflect your style, and you can pick any of the pendants to make a stylish statement at your next event.

Choice of metal for pendant: The filigree pendants are available in white, yellow and rose gold, and you can opt that suits your taste. White gold adds charm to the pendant; yellow gold is the least irritating metal and will highlight the beauty of a diamond, and rose gold, which comes in the warm pink appeal, will lend a classic vintage look to your personality.

You can choose a subtle pendant for a casual day or formal meeting. Moreover, you can give yourself a dynamic look by trying on the quirky designs.

Shipping, Contact, and Personalization Information

Every piece of jewellery by Incocu is certified by the leading third-party international laboratories like International Gemological Institute and SGL. We offer shipping, customization, engraving along with the consultation by our jewellery expert at no extra prices.

Regardless of the type of personalization you choose for the pendant, our professionals will provide you the delivery in two weeks. We offer shipping and engraving along with the consultation from our jewellery expert at no extra prices.

We offer the jewellery items at an affordable price to give you the best shopping experience. For any queries, you can contact our jewellery consultants on this number +91 90016 41758 or drop us an email at


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Choose from 11 Filigree Pendants
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