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1) What makes INCOCU different ?

INCOCU is different because we collaborate with you to customize your piece of jewelry exactly the way you want it. We make it a point to create the piece of jewelry that emanates the most beautiful hues of your individual style. You can easily add your own personal choice and style to the piece. Designing jewelry on INCOCU is very simple and real fun; the credit goes to the focused team of innovative minds at our offices in Jaipur, India.

We’d love to get in touch. Feel free to call us at +91 90016 41758 or email us at We’ll help you to own your perfect piece.

2) You say that all your pieces are customizable. Is it really so?

Once you come across the design of your choice on INCOCU, you can give it your own touch by selecting the metals and gemstones of your choice.

3) Where is INCOCU located ?

We are based in Jaipur, the beautiful city of palaces, kings, and queens. This magnificent city of India has a rich tradition of wonderful jewelry in its blood. We create striking jewelry to make you look stunning.

4) Where are your stores? Can I visit you to have a glance at the jewelry?

We don’t have stores, as we sell our products online. You can visit our website to select the perfect jewelry for you. However, you can visit us at our office by making an appointment prior to your visit. To make an appointment, email us at

5) Is it possible to see the piece on a model?

Your piece will be created only after you place an order for it and so it won’t be possible for us to take its photograph on a model. You can however see on the website as to how the virtual product would look on a model.

6) Please tell me about the place where your jewelry is created?

All the beautiful pieces are made in Jaipur, India. Some of our components are imported as well so that you can find the perfect jewelry that reflects the real you.

7) Do you have a catalog?

No. Currently we do not have a printed catalog, but you can browse through our designs on our website

8) I would like to know some good reasons for signing up my account.

Several benefits come with having your own account. These are:

  • You get quick access to your order history
  • You can protect your wish list with password and easily access it from any place
  • You will remain updated with our exclusive offers, discounts and upcoming collections.

9) Give me the reasons for subscribing to INCOCU newsletter.

By subscribing to INCOCU newsletter, you will be able to get an easy access to our upcoming collections firsthand, even before they are uploaded on the website.

10) Does INCOCU offer discounts?

Yes. We offer discounts occasionally. Our subscribers receive coupons and special offers from us for endowing us with their precious opinions and suggestions on new collections of INCOCU.

11) My email address is no more the same. Please guide me about the process for updating my account.

You have a 24/7 access to your account for any kind of updates or information regarding the same. Click to access your account. After you log in to your account, you need to go into Account Settings for changing your email.

12) I am unable to find the piece of jewelry on the website anymore. Is it possible for me to still order it?

We keep on updating our collection and remove the pieces that were being offered by us earlier. We also have a system of rotating the items that we showcase significantly. There is a possibility that your piece is present in a different location. In case we are not offering the product anymore, we’ll create it especially for you if it is possible for us. Please call INCOCU customer care at +91 90016 41758 or send us an email at and we’ll put sincere efforts to make it available for you.

13) Does INCOCU match prices if a piece I bought goes down in price later?

INCOCU does not match prices and all the sales prices offered by us are final. For our price we depend on the calculation that is done using the current prices of gemstones and precious metal so that we can offer you the best possible value. Current prices change owing to certain factors and the same applies to our prices as well.


14) Please tell me about your shipping charges?

INCOCU offers free shipping to all its customers, however, some expedited delivery requests may need you to pay additional charges.

15) What if I want my jewelry in less than three weeks? Can it be delivered to me faster?

We try our best to deliver beautiful jewelry and make our clients happy. If you require it, please give us a call for requesting express delivery and we’ll surely do it if it’s possible for us.

16) What should I do if I want to return the piece that I purchased?

Fundamentally, we offer a policy of 30-day returns, however in the event of engraving on jewelry, no returns would be accepted unless the very piece is received in broken or harmed condition by the buyer. In case there is any issue with regards to the ring size, then we at INCOCU would resize the said ring.

17) I received a gift that I want to return. How to do it?

Give INCOCU Customer Care a call at +91 90016 41758 and we’ll help you out in the most appropriate manner.

18) Would it be fine if I return an engraved piece?

Yes. You can return an engraved piece. Fundamentally, we offer a policy of 30-day returns, however in the event of engraving on jewelry, no returns would be accepted unless the very piece is received in broken or harmed condition by the buyer. In case there is any issue with regards to the ring size, then we at INCOCU would resize the said ring.

19) How much time it takes to get a refund?

After receiving the order returned by you, we conduct a proper inspection and ensure that your credit is issued in 24-48 hours. After this, it completely depends on your card issuer, how much time it takes to reflect in your account.


20) Is there a possibility for commissioning a custom design?

Currently, our order volume is too large to agree for commissions from-scratch custom designs, but INCOCU boasts of a huge selection of pieces available. If you can get some piece that matches your requirement after minor alteration, we’ll be more than happy to do it for you. Call INCOCU Customer Care at +91 90016 41758 and get your customized piece. Some of the special order pieces cannot be returned, but we’ll keep you informed if any such condition applies to your order.

21) Is it possible for me to order a design with a different shape or size gemstone?

Some INCOCU designs are available with different shape or size gemstones. We can make some changes as per your request. Kindly contact Customer Care on +91 90016 41758 or email us at

22) What if I want to order a ring in the size that is not available on the website?

You can order without any hesitation. There may be additional charges depending on the size of the ring and the precious metal being used. Some of the special order pieces cannot be returned, kindly look at our Return policy.

23) I am not aware of the ring size. What to do now?

You can download INCOCU ring sizer document and go through it. We at INCOCU, promise to offer one free resizing within 30 days of delivery. You need to take care of shipping charges only. We’ll put our best efforts to help you immediately.


24) I want to know about the quality of your gemstones.

Our fine polished AAA quality gemstones are very well cut and exude a bright sheen. INCOCU makes sure to opt for premium quality gems. The gems that we sell, are eye-clean and no inclusions are visible. However, Emerald is an exception that is extremely rare to be found without inclusions.

25) Do you use ethically soured gemstones for making jewelry?

We at INCOCU choose our suppliers with due care and try our best to assure that all our gemstones are ethically mined.

26) Do you purchase gemstones?

No. We don’t do anything except making beautiful jewelry. We love to create stunning pieces for you.


27) I purchased a ring, but it doesn’t fit. What to do now?

We offer free resizing within 30 days of delivery. You need to pay shipping charges. Resizing of your ring will be done within 3 weeks. There are some styles that cannot be resized; we’ll make sure to give you complete information before we complete your order.

28) What if there are some issues with my purchase?

INCOCU promises a free one-year warranty on all the purchases. If there are some issues regarding workmanship of your jewelry, INCOCU will repair it free of charge and bear the shipping expenses as well. In case of any damage by you, we’ll make sure to repair for reasonable charges plus shipping so that you can cherish the beauty of the piece.

29) What if I take a ring to my local jeweler for resizing?

You can take your piece anywhere but we don’t recommend it. INCOCU cannot accept returns of the pieces modified by someone else. If someone else works on a piece, it voids the warranty due to the possibility of damaging the gems or setting.


30) What forms of payment are accepted by INCOCU ?

INCOCU accepts all sorts of debit card and credit card payments. We also offer Cash On Delivery (COD) for our customers. Keeping security concerns in mind, we would like to have your debit and credit card details recorded. We do not accept checks currently.

31) I would like you to address my safety concerns for using my credit card on your site.

We assure you to protect all your information online so that you can have a great and safe jewelry buying experience.

32) Can I use my debit card online?

If the price of item you are purchasing is above the daily limit of the card, you need to contact your bank so that you can be able to purchase a specific piece.

33) When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card is charged once you have ordered your piece so that we can craft stunning pieces exclusively for you.

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