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Eternity Collection by INCOCU


Eternity rings, also known as infinity rings comprises a metal band adorned with a series of identically cut gemstones.

With their origin from 2000 B.C., these rings were known as a simple never-ending band with stones that were used to mark a special occasion. However, over the time symbolism of never-ending band remained same and now, they are a beautiful hallmark of everlasting love, romance, and bond of togetherness.

The epitome of elegance, they show a delicate interplay of light and reflection making it a true statement jewellery piece. Whether you choose them as a wedding ring or an engagement ring, they are breathtaking representations and meaningful declarations of your love.

Apart from being a representation of eternal love, they are also known to represent the continuing cycle of life. They are not only used for engagement, weddings, and anniversaries, but are also often presented to a mother on the birth of first child.

At Incocu, you can choose from an assorted range of eternity rings that you can cherish forever. With a diverse range of designs, shapes, and structure, you can choose the one that matches your style, taste, and personality.

Types of eternity rings

Since the 19th century, Eternity rings have been referred to as beautiful masterpieces and symbols of love and togetherness. Crafted from premium metals (yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold), these rings have gemstones adorned halfway or all the way around on its shank. The stones embellished on the rings can be any number of diamonds, semi-precious stones, or precious gemstones.

Half Eternity Rings: These rings have gemstones or diamonds embellished along half of the circumference of the ring. Depending on the size of the shank, they feature five, seven, and nine stones. And, due to a lesser number of stones, these rings can be resized easily.

Full Eternity Rings: The full eternity rings have gemstones passing along the entire shank of the ring. Due to more number of stones, these rings have a graceful appeal and are bit expensive than other rings.

A mélange of eternity rings available at Incocu

With a diverse range of half and full eternity rings, our collection has stunning designs that will certainly catch second looks.

Thrice as nice! Stack up your style with this statement Aspen ring that is made with gorgeously arranged gemstones. Featuring one of a kind and slender design, this is a must have a ravishing piece.

Treat yourself to the sparkling and luxurious brilliance of this striking half eternity ruby ring. With a warm tone and subtle feel, this ring has a timeless style to mark an important milestone in your life. You can also choose from the various color choices- emerald, ruby, and blue sapphire. Or, celebrate years of your wedding bliss with this magnificent yet sophisticated full eternity laurel ring. Featuring a bold burst of colors, this ring makes a stunning brilliant statement.

Radiating elegance, regal charm, and panache, this aristocrat ring has a shimmering diamond that fences a blue sapphire in this stackable ring. Belonging to the eternity ring family, this white gold sleek comma ring features an embellished round-cut ruby that enhances its beauty and makes it a must have in your collection.

Eternity Rings Settings

The setting you to choose for eternity rings plays an important role as it depicts the entire look of your adornment.

  • Claw Setting:  Claw setting is a traditional method of assembling gemstones in which the metal runs on the side and overlaps slightly on the top. Also, known as prong setting, it allows maximum light to enter the stone allowing it impart a luxurious shine.

  • Channel Setting: In channel setting, the shank forms a channel at two edges of the ring. Being a modern variant, this setting is best suited to round, baguette, and princess cut diamonds.

  • Bar Setting: In a bar setting, stones are separated using bars. It is used for the stones of the same size and is best suited to the contemporary eternity ring.

Claw, bar or channel? Refer to this Ring setting guide by Incocu and choose the one that caters your requirements and matches your style.

A Guide to choosing a perfect eternity ring

The eternity ring with its endless loop or band is known as the symbol of neverending love. Ornamented with gemstones, these rings are of types- half and full and come in different settings and styles. And, choosing a ring with the best style, gemstone, and setting has never been an easy task.

1.  Design your ring: Before you choose the ring, design it! Select between half and full eternity ring, choose the setting, gemstone, size and then make the final decision.

2.  Choose the right metal: The eternity rings are available in white, yellow and rose gold. White Gold Eternity rings have always been a popular choice as they add a special sense of charm and style to the ring.

3.  The color of the gemstone: Choose the shade of your gemstone from Ruby, blue, white, and pink sapphire, Swiss blue topaz, black spinel, tanzanite, and Citrine as they express your taste and style.

Shipping, Contact, and Personalization Information

Every piece of jewellery by Incocu is certified by the leading third-party international laboratories like International Gemological Institute and SGL. You can get you rings customized with these three diamond qualities- SI-IJ, SI-GH, VS-GH, metal shades- yellow, white, and rose gold. Also, you can choose between 14Kt and 18Kt metal quality.

We offer shipping, customization, engraving along with the consultation by our jewellery expert at no extra prices.

If you have any issues with the sizes of ring, you can refer the Incocu ring size guide on our website.  For any queries, you can contact our jewellery consultants on this number +91 90016 41758 or drop us an email at

Despite that metal color, stone or type of customization, our team will provide you the delivery in two weeks at your doorstep.



Choose from 9 Eternity Rings
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  • Half eternity emerald ring

    Half eternity emerald ring

  • Half eternity blue sapphire ring

    Half eternity blue sapphire ring

  • The Aristocrat

    The Aristocrat

  • The comma ring

    The comma ring

  • Half eternity ruby ring

    Half eternity ruby ring

  • Half eternity blue sapphire ring

    Half eternity blue sapphire ring

  • Half eternity emerald ring CU

    Half eternity emerald ring CU

  • Laurel ring

    Laurel ring

  • Aspen ring

    Aspen ring

Choose from 9 Eternity Rings
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Set Descending Direction
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