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Enamel Collection by INCOCU


Enamel Pendants - A Glossy Masterpiece

A stunning pendant is a beautiful way to spruce up the look of a dazzling necklace. When you need that special beauty touch to make a unique style statement, nothing beats the allure and charm of a glittering and colorful enamel pendant. This enticingly elegant, sophisticated piece of jewellery is the unmistakable choice for the woman of your dreams and stunning enough to wear on a special occasion.

Since the time of ancient civilizations of Egypt, Enamel jewellery has been the most winning adornment for every woman. Executed by the fusion of a special glass powder onto the metal, this lustrous piece of jewellery grabs many eyeballs. Whether you need an upgraded everyday look or wish to steal the spotlight on that special evening, enamel pendant will make you the cynosure of all eyes. Wearing something stylish like this astounding enamel pendant makes you look timelessly fashionable every time you step out.

At Incocu, we have a hand-picked, stunning selection of classic and fashion-forward pieces of enamel pendants to step up your fashion game. With a fusion of ethnic, contemporary and futuristic form, each of our pendants beautifully incorporates artistic sensibility. Tap into the abundance of our diverse online collection of designs, shapes, and structure and get the one that flaunts your personality.

Enamel Pendant: A timeless touch of elegance, poise and vibrant color

jewellery like a necklace or chain gives a woman infinite happiness and triggers her innate femininity. Therefore, a necklace for women cannot be simple accessories they must have the elegant aura to flaunt her feminine neck. The addition of a colorful pendant to her stamen necklace can greatly enhance her beauty yet showcase her dynamism and creativity.

A Striking, vibrant enamel pendant induce an oomph factor to the persona of any women. Whether she is the enigmatic woman who is dynamic and beautiful or the modern woman with farsightedness, an enamel pendant is sure to be fascinated by all. No matter what look you decide to go with, a perfect enamel pendant goes with every style.

With endless choices of colors, shape, and size of enthralling enamel pendants available at Incocu, you can create a fresh new fashion statement.

Types of Enamel Pendant

Incocu endeavor to meet your fashion sense and enrich your beauty with an expanding collection of enamel pendants. Each of the exquisite pieces is crafted with emphatic designs that are subtle and feminine. A blend of curves, contours, embellishments, carvings and unique shapes makes these pendants an amazing piece of jewellery that appeases the owner.

Wrapped with oodles of breathtaking ideas, Incocu offers a plethora of styles to bring out the best in you.

Caught up

Something like Caught up enamel pendant with its glittery sparkle and enchantment of colors let the eyes of onlookers widen with awe and astonishment. If you wish to get caught up in love with your special someone, this pendant is worth owning. Studded with stones and enriched with vibrant hues, this peacock style enamel pendant makes a timeless piece of art.


If you have a desire to mesmerize the world with your melodious beauty, Melodies is the perfect choice for you. The playful sparkle of stones and cutting edge glamour of colors and the shimmery golden hue makes it a unique piece of jewellery that every woman long for.


Enchant the onlooker with your exotic beauty with our classic enamel pendant Enchanted. Ethnic exuberance is offset by vibrant green and a touch of golden hue and gleaming stones to reflect your beauty in an elegant way.

Chimes of Change

Change is beautiful as it creates the better version of you. Embrace the grace of change with Chimes of Change. The beautifully shaped centerpiece sparkles with clear crystal stone with green epoxy. Golden hue makes a trendy twist of contrast to make it stylish enough to suit your personality.

Tree of life

Accompanied with gleaming stone and opulent touch of green, Tree of life makes an epitome of grace. Be the sight of sore eyes and make a stunning statement with this amazing piece of jewellery.

Just keep in mind you deserve nothing less than the best so explore our breathtaking collections to find the pendant that is as unique as you are.

Styling with enamel Pendant

Enamel pendants are really versatile and can blend perfectly with a simple chain or a slightly heavier one to get that awe inspiring look. Enamel pendants add a splash of color to any simple ensemble. Go for a stylish one to get that voguish look and team it with a gold chain for a cocktail party. Looking for a statement pendant that is subtle yet noticeable? A simple enamel pendant can work great for you.

Elegance meets aestheticism and simplicity meets style in this colorful piece of jewellery which will translate into an instant favorite. An enamel pendant is a great choice, whether you team it with a casual outfit or wear it with the glamorous ensemble it goes well with every style.

An awe inspiring enamel pendant can also lend a classy look to suit your conservative at-work attitude. Entwining between colors and studded diamonds, an enamel pendant makes you look younger and dynamic no matter what age you are. 

Shipping, contact, and personalization information

Checked and certified by the leading third-party international laboratories like SGL, each piece of jewellery by Incocu reflects the superior quality and reliability. We also avail free shipping, customization, and engraving to our adored customer. You can even get the free consultation by our jewellery expert through our website.

Our team strives to create the collection of enamel pendants that resonate in the mind and heart forever.   Now you don’t have to step out of the house as Inccou is the perfect answer to all your shopping woes at an affordable price. You can  contact our jewellery consultants by phone or by sending an email at

We assure you to deliver your ordered pendants in two weeks and make sure you have a pleasant shopping experience with us.


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