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Cocktail Collection by INCOCU

Add Oddles of Charm & Class to Your Outfit With Our Cocktail Rings Collection

A cocktail ring – the name itself defines the boldness, expression, glamor, and fun. The cocktail rings are the classy rings that are worn on the index finger of the right hand. These rings are spectacular, bold, stunning, and lustrous that features a large diamond in the center, and several smaller diamonds to accentuate its look.

Cocktail Rings originated from the American Prohibition era during the 1920s, where hosting cocktail parties were a glamorous secret affair, and they have been a glamorous statement since then! As the time proceeded, by 1940’s and 1950’s, these rings were not restricted to cocktail parties but also became a staple that was worn to dinners and Oscars.

At Incocu, you can select from a different range of cocktail diamond rings that are centered with large gemstone and paved diamonds flanking it. The skilled craftsmen of Incocu design their every cocktail ring with unusual pattern and curate them with the assorted gemstones.

More impressive the design, more effective the style statement will be!

Browse through our overall assorted collection of cocktail rings with unique design and complement it with your evening attires to give your overall appeal a stunning charm.

How to choose the best Cocktail Ring

The cocktail ring is used as a stand-alone piece and is worn on the index finger of right hand. And, because they are worn on the index finger, the size should be limited to six karats. The ring should not pass the bottom of the knuckle and for a gorgeous visual impact, choose a ring with a magnificent focal point.

Looking for a striking masterpiece for a night party? Upgrade your look by wearing this dazzling diamond cocktail ring with a ruby stone in a magnificent setting. Want an elegant piece? Go for the mirror on the wall ring that has a stunning round cut and is embellished with the Swiss blue topaz.

At Incocu, you will get a varied range of cocktail rings, and you can choose the one that matches your taste, style, and personality.

How to Add Style to Your Ensemble with Cocktail Rings

Cocktail Rings are worn with evening outfits, but with the changing trends, the beautiful diamond cocktail rings are being worn with almost everything. Have a look at the following tricks and tips, and you are good to go!

  • Cocktail Rings can be worn at any day and evening event or can also be a part of a casual outfit. So, if you are seeking to wear these rings at a day event, keep the ring slightly smaller and less glittery than those that are worn in the evening event.
  • A cocktail ring is a piece of art that goes beyond the style and reflect your personality. Wearing two or more cocktail rings together is a matter of too much gaudiness. Keep it trendy and simple, either select the ring with ruby centered stone and embellished with small diamonds from outside in sleek white, gold, and rose gold metal.
  • Or, just keep it classy by choosing a cocktail ring with a cluster of diamond rings that will be equivalent to one large diamond centered ring.

A Guide to Choosing the best cocktail ring

The cocktail rings are the perfect way to add sparkle and flair to any attire. There are countless styles and designs of the cocktail rings that you can choose to glam up your look. The rings can be floral, geometric-inspired, vintage, antique and more.

But, a ring with a cluster of diamonds around and a centered magnificent gemstone is certain to make a strong statement during any event.

Looking to buy a cocktail ring? Take heart of these tips and find the best one for you.

  • Consider the type and quality of stones and metal it is made with. At Incocu, you can get your cocktail ring customized with the metal quality- 14Kt and 18Kt and the metal type- yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold.
  • The gemstone in the middle has to be big along with the natural flaws that will make it more visible add a dash of elegance to your overall appeal.
  • Pay attention to the prong setting; make sure that it should not be too thin and can hold the gemstones tightly.

And, with a large number of gemstones available at Incocu, choosing the best one serves as a daunting task-

  • Red gemstones include spinal, ruby, and garnet. They are rare, expensive, and are mostly worn for their subtle look. Pink gemstone includes sapphires that are feminine and add grace to any outfit.

  • The blue gemstone is common than other stones and includes sapphires, agate, zircon, and tanzanite. Green gemstone consists of peridot, emerald, garnet, jade, and sapphires that come with subtle green hues and are known to represent personality and style.

  • Yellow gemstones are known to add a pop of color, and orange stones are best suited for the warm skin tones.

  • White stones represent beauty, simplicity, and style while black ones are known to exhibit exhilarating sophistication.

Shipping, Contact, and Personalization Information

Every gemstone used in the cocktail rings by Incocu are certified by the leading third-party international laboratories like International Gemological Institute and SGL.

Regardless of the type of personalization you choose, our team will provide you the delivery in two weeks. We offer shipping and engraving along with the consultation from our jewellery expert at no extra prices.

If you have any issues with the sizes of ring, you can refer the Incocu ring size guide on our website.

We offer the jewellery items at an affordable price to give you the best shopping experience. For any queries, you can contact our jewellery consultants on this number 1800 3000 7266 or drop us an email at

To get your rings personalized, you can also refer to this ring setting guide and the four C’s to choose the best diamond.


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  • Advent ring

    Advent ring

  • Dainty In Blue Ring

    Dainty In Blue Ring

  • Solarium Ring

    Solarium Ring

  • The pin wheel

    The pin wheel

  • Bouquet Ring

    Bouquet Ring

  • Red passion

    Red passion

  • Leaf Platter

    Leaf Platter

  • Quarterback ring

    Quarterback ring

  • Carol Ring

    Carol Ring

  • Ecstacy ring

    Ecstacy ring

  • Cindrella ring

    Cindrella ring



Choose from 12 Cocktail Rings
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