KPC stands for “Kimberley Process Certification”. KPC checks are thoroughly carried forward on diamonds to distinguish between diamonds acquired through legitimate sources and those prevalent in the rough market handled by under-world dwellers. The act was proposed by the “United Nations General Assembly Resolution, 55/56”, which followed the recommendations passed in the White House in the United States. It is called as the “Fowler report”. KPC act mainly aims at preventing violence through import and export of diamonds by revolutionary movements as well as their allies who challenge the smooth running of the Govt.

However, the efficiency of the scheme has been questioned by firms like Global Witness during the year 2011, claiming that it has been unsuccessful and there is no assurance brought to the public on diamonds not being conflict diamonds.

How did the Kimberley Process Certification (KPC) come into existence?

There were a set of investigators who were led by Robert Fowler, in the year March 2000. They submitted detailed facts and figures on how warfare activities were conducted successfully, by the selling of these diamonds. The United Nations, as we all know are peace-makers for the entire world. They wanted to fasten upon the sale of diamonds, whose proceeds were utilized for waging wars all over the world. Thus the KPC process came into being. The UN put up with the South African states which produced Diamonds, named Kimberley in the year 2000. The UN collaborated with the diamond producing states of South Africa, in order to enforce the act.

A look at compliance of diamonds through KPC

Whenever rough diamonds are made to cross through an international border, it needs to follow the compliance measures as per the KPCS. These are

  • The diamonds need to be transported in containers which are tamper resistant.
  • The diamonds are to be issued a KPC certificate by the Govt, which helps to make sure that any Diamond imported or even exported to any member who is not a part of this scheme.
  • The certificate needs to have unique serial numbers, not be tampered with or have forged signatures. The contents of shipment need to be clearly stated on the certificate attached with the diamonds.
  • You can only export these diamonds to the other countries participating in the KPC Scheme, as such.

So, the next time you plan to buy a piece of jewelry, you can keep in mind the facts about the diamond certification and also ask the jeweler about which mine the diamond has come from.