It is a fact, that diamonds are rated better, from the monetary point of view, based on the shine and their transparency. Originally diamonds are usually white in color, with the transparency retained. However, these gemstones come in a multitude of colors as well. Colored diamonds are known, for their aesthetic sense and for the beauty conscious ladies out there.

Diamonds in fancy colors and the intensity, with which they shine through, increases the value of the gemstone. Most of the natural fancy diamonds do not come in a single color. You can sometimes find three to four colors, within the composition of a single stone. Some of the vivid and bright colors of fancy diamonds include cobalt green, deep yellow, maroon red, baby pink or light pink, ocean blue, gray, purple, brown, orange and white.

Again you get diamonds in different color combinations. Let us discover a few of them

  • Faint colors Diamonds come to you in faint shades. These are typically white but not actual white. Light tinges of blue, pink and grey stone form this particular category of faint colored diamonds.
  • Light Diamonds are available in light shades of the same color. They are not faint but a lighter tinge of the dark color. Light blue, light orange, light maroon and light green are the colored diamonds which form this particular category.
  • Fancy You get diamonds in fancy colors, i.e. by applying two to three shades like dark yellow plus white, crimson brown with red, maroon with a tinge of orange. These are the fancy varieties of diamonds, at your disposal.
  • Vivid The shades take a distinct form and appearance. Oceanic green, sky blue and chocolate brown are the vivid shades you can look for in this category.
  • Intense or deep Deep colors are intensely colored diamonds, which definitely cannot go without capturing your neighbors envy. Deep maroon, deep red and midnight blue are the fascinating deep colored diamonds forming a part of your intricate jewelry.

More and more people are now days choosing the ever sparkling diamonds in rare colors. While Blue and Pink are the most common and most preferred by many including the Hollywood celebrities, there are other colors which are as beautiful as these are. Knowing more about the cuts and the classifications of diamonds can help you choose the perfect diamond.

It is now time to see the sparkle and beauty of the fancy colored diamonds and own one too.