There are a lot of things associated with diamonds. You can get positive energy by owning the diamonds. Some people are known to have used powdered flakes of diamonds in crystal clear water and consumed the diamond potion, in order to enhance the overall life span. Kings and Princesses of yesteryears used to follow this particular method, to live longer.

But there is a flip side associated with diamonds, if it doesn’t suit you and you still wear diamond ornaments it can vibrate negative energy and bring you loads of ill luck. It is better you consult with your gemologist, before going in for diamond jewelry.

I am going to take you through a couple of ailments and how diamonds can restore you back into action:

Consumption of poison

As stated earlier, people used to consume diamonds in powdered form to live longer. The same funda works here as well. In case you have consumed poison, you can use diamonds to counteract the negative effects connected with the same. You can take a diamond pill in its powdered form and rest all is taken care of.

Cell phone mania

Are you little hard of hearing due to excessive emanations arising out of your cell phones? Fret not. Diamonds are a permanent solution and excellent for blocking electro-magnetic stress.


All of you go through ups and downs of life. No one is free from worries, tension or stressed situations. Even the most successful people in the world might have gone through, a very bad phase in their lives. It’s the right kind of attitude which keeps you afloat in life. You can have a crystal diamond in the middle of your living room. You can keep gazing at it for at least an hour or so. The sheen and glitter which diamonds are adorned with, evade your depression levels. It clears your physical as well as mental agony by considerable levels. It creates positive vibrations in your life. You are thus stimulated to start life afresh.

Other healing properties of diamonds include reducing tiredness, fatigue, chronic allergies, dizziness, vertigo and a lot more. In short, diamonds exude radiance and stimulate your creative energy to newer levels that you want to live life longer and fuller.