Diamond is the most precious gemstone for most of us. You want to flaunt your appearance with an elegant diamond necklace for the all-important cocktail party or your fiancée wants to impress you thoroughly by wanting to put a solitaire diamond ring on your sleek finger. Either ways, diamond speaks for itself. Some wealthy men from the elite society accumulate rare forms of diamonds to showcase them, adding to their status symbol with pride. Pink diamonds are little rare to find. I am going to take you through some of the mind boggling facts about the glitter stones, which very few of us know about.

  • Diamonds are more than a trillion years old.
  • It is the favorite gemstone among ladies born in the month of April. So do you know why these guys need an extra pep up in the form of diamond rings or exclusive pendant sets?
  • The ancient Romans or Greeks believed that diamonds were the tear drops of Gods. Some even believed that these gemstones were splinters from falling stars. There is also one more mythology associated with diamonds; the cupid’s arrows were adorned with diamonds.
  • You can discover diamonds buried deep within the ground, as much as 100 miles below the earth’s surface. It is the volcanic eruptions that makes diamonds rise up to the surface.
  • Diamonds are known to be very hard natural substance. Are you all not aware of the saying that "only a diamond can cut another diamond" ?
  • Diamond is purely made of 100% pure carbon. Due to the abrasive heat and pressure far below the crust of the earth’s surface, carbon atoms bond in a unique way to get a rare form of crystalline gem stones, i.e. carats of diamond.
  • In yester years, India was the original source of diamonds, supplying the world’s favorite gemstones across Venice, Europe and many other countries. This was during 1400’s. Then the production of diamonds in the sub-continent subsequently declined. Brazil then took over, as the world’s greatest reserves of diamonds up until late 1800’s. Today it is South Africa which owns most of exclusive diamond mines supplying rare and precious form of gem stones, around the world. You can also find top class diamond mines, in Canada, Namibia and Russia.

While we all know that Diamonds have always created joy for many people, many experts do believe that diamonds sparkle brighter when they are sourced using some ethical and environmental friendly ways.