The Top Diamond Cuts Used In Jewelry

Diamonds take unique shapes to add to the extravaganza. Diamonds are available in several shapes and these are used to make different varieties of ornaments. The beauty of any diamond mostly lies in how well they reflect the light and in the way they shine or sparkle. Each of the diamond is cut into various shapes and it is the cut, which determines the brilliance of the diamond. Almost all the diamonds with various cuts are put to use in jewelry making and some of the most popular diamond shapes are listed below.

Round Cut Diamond

The round cut diamond is the most popular diamond cut off all. It has the best angles, which enable the gemstone to shine at brilliance. The round cut diamond has 57 facets. You can take a small slice of the diamond slab. It can take the shape of a crystal ball. This kind of round diamonds suit pendants and form an integral part of a necklace. The pendant can take the shape of a diamond, while necklace can be made out of gold. A lavish wedding necklace of gold with a diamond pendant can make you stand out from the crowd.

Princess Cut Diamond

You have the princess cut diamond taking the shape of a simple square. You can discover layers of sheen through it and get mesmerized. It is one of those brilliant styled shapes, which has rather sharp and un-cut corners. The princess cut is known to have 76 facets thus making it shine more than a round cut diamond. A square diamond can have an array of rainbow colors to add to the splendor and grandeur.

Heart Shaped Diamond

Another dazzling cut to melt everyone’s hearts is none other than the heart shaped diamond. A picture perfect heart shaped diamond pendant can suit your engagement necklace for sure. The heart shaped diamonds too shine brilliantly with 59 facets.

Emerald Shaped

The Emerald cut diamondis considered to be an elegant option. The clarity of the gemstone is given more importance in these diamonds and the same is highlighted with the edged step cut technique. The facets of emerald shaped diamonds are usually 48- 50 and are four sided. These sparkle in the own way and lend bright flashes of light.

Pear Cut Diamond

The Pear Cut Diamond is brilliant in its own way. It is also called as a teardrop as it has a single point and a rounded end. You can choose the elongated pear shaped diamond as it creates slimming effect on the fingers. These are also less expensive when compared to the other cuts.

Other shapes include Oval diamond, Cushion diamond, star shaped diamond and a lot more. For your wedding jewelry, it is better you personally design your own pieces with love. It is once in a lifetime affair and you definitely should not miss out on having your share of glitter and glam.