Did you ever picture the clear and the light blue waters of the Caribbean? If yes, you will find some gorgeous shades of Aquamarine, which is the traditional birthstone for those who are born in the month of March. As the name speaks it all, the bright shining gem is in the color of water and sky, and is said to embody eternal life. The beautiful blue hued stone, conjures the visions of the sea in its splendor.

Aquamarine is a pale blue colored stone that is from the same family as the emerald i.e. Beryl. The deepest colors have the highest value and can vary from sky blue to green hues.

This gemstone which symbolizes youth, health and hope, and is also said to show a soothing influence on married couples, thus making it a good engagement or an anniversary gift. The gemstone also has associations with water and the ancient Romans too believed that Aquamarine is scared to Neptune, the Roman God of the Sea. Sailors wore talismans which were engraved with the likeness of Neptune as a protection from the dangers of the sea. Some of the famous folklores also assert the findings of Aquamarine in the treasure chests of mermaids.

The aquamarine gemstone too has a fascinating beauty and this makes it a popular stone amongst the feminine gender. The delicate blue shades of this gemstone complement any skin tone and hair color. The versatility of this gemstone makes it one of the favorite amongst designers and is one-of-a-kind, unique symbol of expressing love among couples.