Here goes the saying that ‘A Diamond is a woman’s best friend’. This definitely cannot be understated. Do you know the reason as to why “diamonds are forever” is a successful campaign? It is the spark and shine of the valuable metal, coupled with the fact, that the precious gemstone is a symbol of romance.

Do diamonds really make a women smile? If you ask any girl, then the answer is certainly a yes. These sparkling and stunning pieces of gem stones make a face light up whenever one sees a pretty piece of jewelry made of diamonds. If you exchange a diamond ring with your fiancée or even your newly married husband, there is a belief that your romantic light can burn forever. That was the main campaigning strategy behind promoting sales of diamond rings, throughout the United States of America.

It was initially thought that diamonds were only located in the riverbeds of India and across the jungles in Brazil, where as extraction of diamonds started taking center stage in other parts of the globe, as well. In the year 1870, archaeological enthusiasts discovered huge mines near Orange River in South Africa. These diamonds were scooped out, to strike iron while the sun shines. People thought that they could make a lot of money by creating an illusion that diamonds are forever and scarce and it was this feeling that adds more value to the shiny crystals of carbon. Most of the buyers think, a diamond can add to their status quo and amassing rare diamonds is a prestige issue for the rich and the elite.

Europeans wanted to create an eternal scarcity for this precious gemstone, so that they could strike business deals in several parts of the world. It was with this mission in mind that they propagated the sale of diamonds.

Diamonds are excavated in very hard conditions. Diamond mines are dug far below the ground and due to volcanic eruptions, pure carbon atoms crystallize to form the rare gem stones named ‘diamonds’.

This precious gem has several healing powers, for instance it can cure depression. You can use a diamond pill to counteract the negative effects of poison and a lot more.

These are some of the many reasons that have made this campaign successful forever.