Ever felt clueless while deciding what to gift a woman?


If you've decided on jewelry, we're pretty sure you have wondered, as you stood amidst the shimmer and sparkle, 'So, which is the perfect piece of jewelry for her?'


We have tips that will help you make the right choice because challenging though it may be, jewelry is still one of the best gifts to win her heart.


'Look' at her


The easiest way to never go wrong while gifting jewelry is to gift something similar to what she wears. Is she an earring person? Does she prefer pendants? Is her jewelry intricately designed? Does she prefer smooth curves? You'll find the answer to these questions by simply looking at her. And these answers will also solve the 'what to gift' riddle.


It pays to listen


Your ears will never get you in trouble, they say. However, your ears also help you make smart choices. You can know all that a woman wants and likes by simply listening to her carefully.


Do you know her well?


We're sure you do. You love her after all. So, what does she like?

Heart-shaped jewelry may work if she's a full-blooded romantic; while a more sleek and chic design is better suited to contemporary tastes.


When in doubt, ask a woman


If there is anyone who comes close to understanding a woman, it's another woman. When you aren't sure about something that concerns a woman, the safest bet is to seek for some expert advice. Ask a woman who is close to her for help and she may just put you on the right course.


Diamonds are your best friend too


Diamonds are a girl's best friend; but they can help you too. It is one of those things that will never go wrong. With the perfect cut and flawless shimmer, the diamond will bring a smile that only true happiness can achieve.


And finally, the best tip that anyone can offer is that you choose your jewelry and gift it with love. Remember, love matters the most; and jewelry stands testament to it.